Beginners' Class Graduation
- June. 28. 2014 -
The beginners' class this year started in March. 2014.
And now new dancers' commencement has been held splendidly.
Eight graduates greeted this ceremonial day. All the new dancers indeed looked happy.
Strange to say, when they are dressed in their deep-red club costumes,
they are quite respectable dancers. Now their movements are smooth,
though they have been slow before. We expect that they will further challenge to master Mainstream program!
We hope that they will do their best to the end.
@Thanks for a job well done, everybody, that is callers in charge of instruction,
the promotion committee members, the snack committee members,
and all the club members with whom cooperated for the beginners' class.

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Graduate Commemorative Picture

Graduation congratulations!!

Ms.Sagara & Mr.Ito

Graduation test with which the beginners were burdened!!
All were success.

Presentation of diploma

The greeting
by the grade representative