At Hotel Urashima Tokyo, on Sep. 7, 2003

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Arrangements for the Party
We, all the members concerned of Tokyo Square Dance Club (TSDC), could celebrate our 41st Anniversary with a party, thanks to all of you. We have had such a happy time together with 860 SD friends, including 160 club members, in total who came from all over the country from northan Hokkaido to western Osaka.
The Hotel Urashima Tokyo to which we are very much obliged so far is sure to be closed at the end of Sep. 2003, and then next year we are going to hold our anniversary at the new assembly hall in Ebisu, Tokyo.
We thank you again for your usual direction, advice and encouragement extended to us, and ask you heartily for further kindness.
Now, we will forward its pleasant appearance to you as follows;-

Let's Enjoy Dancing!!

Social Gathering

Tokyo Square Dance Club / Masaru Wada