at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center on Monday October 11. 2010

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The Tokyo Square Dance Club commemorated its 48th anniversary and held an anniversary party
on October 11th 2010 at Tokyo Olympic Memorial Hall to celebrate.
About 1,200 square dancers (including its own 160 members) participated and had a great time dancing.
We appreciate your participation and together, let us spread square dance to more people.
Here are some pictures from the party. Please take a look.

A receptionist



Let's Dance !!

The social gathering

TSDC Members

Next year, the 49th Anniversary Party will be held on October 10th at Fuchu Lumieru.
And the year after is the 50th Anniversary,
there will be five special guest callers from the U.S.
(D.D Dougherty Lottie, Wade Driver, Mike Seastrom. Randy Dougherty, Tim Marriner).
They will perform live to share their passionate and beautiful harmony.
There will be over 100 square dancers from Australia, New Zealand,
Taiwan and Germany amongst many other countries.
It will be a big Anniversary Party.
It will be held from Oct. 12th (Fri) to Oct 14th(Sun) 2012 at Hotel East 21 Tokyo
in Toyo-cho, Koto-ku. Detailed information will follow later on.

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