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Let's send Club Dance scenery to you.

The beginner school is held from March 13. Beginner class lecturer
Mr.Okiyoshi & Ms.Wkamatu

A Cub dance Program.
Beginers Class
6F00`6F10Members MS Tip
6F10`6F25Beginners Workshop
6F25`6F40Beginners Workshop
6F40`6F55Members MS Tip
6F55`7F10Beginners Workshop
7F10`7F30Meeting, Snack & Round dance
7F30`7F45Beginners Workshop
7F45`8F00Begginers Workshop
8F00`8F10Members MS Tip
8F10`8F25Beginners Workshop
8F25`8F40All MemberI
τττ See you Next Week τττ

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Let's Dance 1
Meeting & Snack & RD
Let's Dance 2
After - 9 - drinking - a meeting in Shinjuku!