- on November 8. 2013 -
Kasumigaura International Golf Course in Tukuba-City Ibaraki

Yellow Rock Golf Competition. The champion is Ms. Aida

The 46th Yellow Rock Golf Competition was held on a great sunny day at Kasumigaura International Golf Course in Tukuba-City Ibaraki.
12 "golfaholics" participated.
Since this was the second match for this year, everyone was so excited and eager to win.
As for the result, the golf expert Ms. Aida won the championship (Gross:119, Net:83), and the runner up was Mr. Jinnai.
In third place was Mr. Wada.
The next time Ms. Aida and Mr.Wakamatu will take leadership and we thank you in advance.
Itfs not too late to start practicing for the upcoming competition!

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All the Members Present

3rd Place:Mr.Wada


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