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  1. Dancer Naming
    a. Partner/Corner
    b. Heads/Sides
    c. Couple#1,#2,#3,#4 d. Boys/Girls
    e. Centers/Ends
  2. Circle Family
    a. Circle Left
    b. Circle Right
  3. Fowerd and Back   4. Do Sa Do
  5. Swing   6. Promenade Family
  (a) Couples Promenade  (b) Single File Promenade
  (c) Star Promenade


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Starting formation - two or more dancers. (a) CIRCLE LEFT, (b) CIRCLE RIGHT. Dancers join hands to form a circle, face slightly left or right as directed and move forward around the circle the distance directed. When left or right is not specified for circle, it is a circle to the left.
Styling: All dancers walk (dance) forward with joined hands, men's palms up and ladies' palms down, elbows bent comfortably so that hands are above the elbow.
Timing: Standing or static square (SS) 8 people, full around, 16 steps; three quarters, 12 steps; one half, 8 steps; one quarter, 4 steps.

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Starting formation - Single dancer. Each dancer steps forward three steps and pauses while bringing the free foot forward and touching it to the floor without transferring weight. Each steps back three steps beginning with the free foot and pauses while touching the free foot beside the weight-bearing foot.
Starting formation - From facing lines of four or similar situations where eight counts are not appropriate, each dancer steps forward and pauses while bringing the other foot forward and touching it to the floor without transferring weight. Each steps back on the free foot and pauses while touching the other foot beside it.
Styling: Couples have inside hands joined. As couples meet in the center, outside hands may be touched palm to palm. As the foot is brought to the touch (on the 4th and 8th counts), it should remain on the floor.
Timing: SS (static square) all, 8 steps, heads or sides, 8 steps; rock forward and back, 4 steps; balance, 4 steps.

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Do Sa Do to a Wave
Starting formation - facing dancers. Dancers advance and pass right shoulders. Without turning, each dancer moves to the right passing in back of the other dancer. Then moving backwards, each passes left shoulders returning to starting position.
Styling: Men - arms in natural dance position, right shoulders forward as right shoulders pass, left shoulders forward as left shoulders pass. Ladies - both hands on skirt, moving skirt forward and back to avoid opposite dancer, right hand forward as right shoulders pass, left hand forward as left shoulders pass.
Timing: SS with corner, 6 steps; with partner, 6; from a Box formation (see "Dancer Tips" at Basic #20), 6; SS across the set, 8.

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Starting formation - Facing dancers (man and lady). Dancers step forward ending right side to right side and move around each other turning in a clockwise direction four or more counts. Dancers break out of the swing. The lady continues turning to her right until facing the same direction as the man, they form a couple.
Styling: Men: left arm bent at the elbow, palm slightly up, right hand on lady's back slightly above the waist, posture should be erect. Ladies - right hand palm down on man's left hand, left hand on man's right shoulder, arm resting on man's right arm.
Footwork: WALK AROUND - use short walking or shuffling steps around the central point. BUZZ STEP - right foot moves in small steps around the pivot point between the two dancers while the left foot pushes, as in a scooter motion.
Ending position: Lady rolls off man's right arm blending smoothly to position for the next call or twirls (to a promenade position only - lady's option). To twirl, the man raises his left hand over the lady's head, holding lady's right hand loosely. Her hand revolves around his for stability as she turns clockwise moving down line of dance three steps, into a promenade position, joining inside hands on the 4th step. While the lady turns, the man will move forward down the line of dance to be in position for the promenade.
Timing: Advancing skill, usually 4 to 8 beats of music, used at caller's discretion.

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6. PROMENADE FAMILY (full, 1/2, 3/4)

Starting formation - As a unit the couple walks forward around the circle counterclockwise. Unless otherwise specified, they promenade until reaching the man's home position. At the end of the promenade the couple turns, as a unit, to face the center of the set. If promenading to the man's home position, the couple always goes at least one quarter around the square. If need be, they continue past the man's home position for another full time around.
Starting formation - Dancers move forward in single file counterclockwise or clockwise around the circle, as directed.

STYLING: In promenade position the man's hands are palm up, right forearm over the lady's left arm. Lady's hands are palm down in man's hand. Joined hands should be positioned equally between partners. In single file promenade man's arms are held in natural dance position; lady's hands on skirt, working with the natural swinging motion.

TIMING: SS, couples promenading full around, 16; three quarters, 12; one half, 8; one quarter, 4; 4 people promenading inside, 8.

Starting formation - star, promenade. Directed dancers form a star and place the other arm around the waist of another directed dancer. Turn the star and promenade the distance specified.
STYLING: Men's inside hands joined the same as in a right or left hand star, outside arm around the lady's waist. Lady's inside arm around man's waist under his arm, outside hand works skirt.
TIMING: 4 couples full around, 12; three quarters, 9; one half, 6; one quarter, 3. 4 couples full around with back out at home, 16.

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Basic Program
LIST NO.1 (BASIC)   1. Dancer Naming     2. Circle Left/Circle Right     3. Fowerd & Back    
  4. Do Sa Do/Dosado to a Wave     5. Swing     6. Promenade/Single File Promenade
LIST NO.2 (BASIC)   7. Allemande Left     8. Arm Turns     9. Right and Left Grand Family
10. Left-Hand Star/Right-Hand Star     11. Pass Thru
LIST NO.3 (BASIC) 12. Split Two     13. Half Sashay Family     14. Turn Back Family     15. Separete Around 1 or 2
16. Courtesy Turn     17. Ladies Chain Family
LIST NO.4 (BASIC) 18. Do Pa So     19. Lead Right     20. Right And Left Thru     21. Grand Square     22. Star Thru
23. Circle to a Line
LIST NO.5 (BASIC) 24. Bend the Line     25. All Around The Corner     26. See Saw
27. Square Thru ( 1,2,3,4 )/Left Square thru ( 1,2,3,4 )   28. California Twirl     29. Dive Thru
LIST NO.6 (BASIC) 30. Wheel Around     31. Thar Family     32. Shoot the Star/Shoot the Star Full Around
33. Slip the Clutch     34. Box the Gnat     35. Ocean Wave Family
LIST NO.7 (BASIC) 36. Alamo Ring Formation     37. Pass The Ocean     38. Extend ( from 1/4 tag only )
39. Swing Thru/Left Swing Thru     40. Run/Cross Run     41. Trade Family
LIST NO.8 (BASIC) 42. Wheel And Deal     43. Double Pass Thru     44. First Go Left/Right   Next Go Left/Right
45. Zoom     46. Fluteter Wheel/Revers Flutter Wheel     47. Sweep a Quarter
LIST NO.9 (BASIC) 48. Veer Left/Veer Right     49. Trade By     50. Touch 1/4     51. Circulate Famly
52. Ferris Wheel
Mainstream Program
LIST NO.10 (MS) 53. Cloverleaf     54. Turn Thru     55. Eight Chain Thru     56. Pass to the Center    
57. Spin the Top
LIST NO.11 (MS) 58. Centers In     59. Cast Off 3/4     60. Walk & Dodge     61. Slide Thru
62. Fold/Cross Fold
LIST NO.12 (MS) 63. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave     64. Spin Chain Thru     65. Tag the Line     66. Half Tag
67. Scoot Back     68. Single Hinge/Couples Hinge     69. Recycle ( from a wave only )