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  58. Centers In   59. Cast Off Three Quarters
  60. Walk & Dodge   61. Slide Thru
  62. Fold Family
    a.- d. ( named dancers ) Fold     e. Cross Fold
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Starting formation - whenever there is a couple with their backs to the center of the set facing or standing behind another couple (e.g. eight chain thru, completed double pass thru). The outside dancers step apart as the center dancers step forward and between them to form a line.
Styling: The active couple should use couple handhold and, if stepping in between couples facing the same direction, join hands in a line of four. If the active couple steps in between a couple facing in the opposite direction, use hands-up position with the end dancers.
TIMING: 2 steps.

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Starting formation - any wave or line. Each half of the line or wave works as a unit and moves forward around a pivot point three quarters (270). If the adjoining dancers are facing the same direction, the end dancer becomes the pivot while the other dancer moves in a semi-circle around the pivot. If the adjoining dancers are facing in opposite directions, the pivot point is the handhold between them and they move equally around that pivot point.
Styling: If joined dancers are in opposite facing directions, the handhold should be hands-up position as in swing thru. If joined dancers are in the same facing direction, handholds are as in couples handhold position.
Timing: 6 steps.

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Starting formation - box circulate or facing couples. From box circulate formation, each dancer facing into the box walks forward to take the place of the dancer who was directly in front of him. Meanwhile, each dancer facing out of the box steps sideways (dodges) into the position vacated by the "walker" who was formerly beside him. Dancers end side by side, both facing out. If walk and dodge is called from facing couples, the caller must designate who is to walk and who is to dodge (e.g., "men walk, ladies dodge"). Ending is a box circulate formation.
Styling: Arms in natural dance position. Skirt work for the ladies is optional. Hands should be ready to assume appropriate position for the next call.
Timing: 4 steps.

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Starting formation - facing dancers. Dancers pass thru. A man always turns right one quarter (90); a lady always turns left one quarter (90). Dancers end side by side with each other.
Styling: Arms in natural dance position with skirt work optional for ladies. Hands should be rejoined in the appropriate position for the next call.
Timing: SS, heads, or sides, 6; Box, 4 steps.

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Starting formation - any two dancer formation in which the directed dancer has a shoulder directly adjacent to the other dancer.
Directed dancers step forward and move in a small semi-circle to end facing toward an adjacent dancer or position. The adjacent inactive dancer may be facing in any direction and does not move. If not specified, centers fold toward ends and vice versa.

Directed active dancers fold toward the inactive dancers using the general rule.
Starting formation - line, two-faced line, or wave. The directed (active) dancers who must either both be centers or both be ends, fold toward the farthest inactive dancer by walking in a semi-circle to end facing toward that same dancer. When the active dancers are both facing the same direction, they move forward in a semi-circle, pass each other and fold toward the inactive dancer.
Styling: Hand position depends on starting formation, i.e, hands up from a wave, couple handhold from a line or circulate. Using appropriate hand position, the inactive dancer should exert slight pressure to adjacent dancer and assist in initiating folding action.
Timing: Fold, 2 steps; cross fold, 4 steps.

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Basic Program
LIST NO.1 (BASIC)   1. Dancer Naming     2. Circle Left/Circle Right     3. Fowerd & Back    
  4. Do Sa Do/Dosado to a Wave     5. Swing     6. Promenade/Single File Promenade
LIST NO.2 (BASIC)   7. Allemande Left     8. Arm Turns     9. Right and Left Grand Family
10. Left-Hand Star/Right-Hand Star     11. Pass Thru
LIST NO.3 (BASIC) 12. Split Two     13. Half Sashay Family     14. Turn Back Family     15. Separete Around 1 or 2
16. Courtesy Turn     17. Ladies Chain Family
LIST NO.4 (BASIC) 18. Do Pa So     19. Lead Right     20. Right And Left Thru     21. Grand Square     22. Star Thru
23. Circle to a Line
LIST NO.5 (BASIC) 24. Bend the Line     25. All Around The Corner     26. See Saw
27. Square Thru ( 1,2,3,4 )/Left Square thru ( 1,2,3,4 )   28. California Twirl     29. Dive Thru
LIST NO.6 (BASIC) 30. Wheel Around     31. Thar Family     32. Shoot the Star/Shoot the Star Full Around
33. Slip the Clutch     34. Box the Gnat     35. Ocean Wave Family
LIST NO.7 (BASIC) 36. Alamo Ring Formation     37. Pass The Ocean     38. Extend ( from 1/4 tag only )
39. Swing Thru/Left Swing Thru     40. Run/Cross Run     41. Trade Family
LIST NO.8 (BASIC) 42. Wheel And Deal     43. Double Pass Thru     44. First Go Left/Right   Next Go Left/Right
45. Zoom     46. Fluteter Wheel/Revers Flutter Wheel     47. Sweep a Quarter
LIST NO.9 (BASIC) 48. Veer Left/Veer Right     49. Trade By     50. Touch 1/4     51. Circulate Famly
52. Ferris Wheel
Mainstream Program
LIST NO.10 (MS) 53. Cloverleaf     54. Turn Thru     55. Eight Chain Thru     56. Pass to the Center    
57. Spin the Top
LIST NO.11 (MS) 58. Centers In     59. Cast Off 3/4     60. Walk & Dodge     61. Slide Thru
62. Fold/Cross Fold
LIST NO.12 (MS) 63. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave     64. Spin Chain Thru     65. Tag the Line     66. Half Tag
67. Scoot Back     68. Single Hinge/Couples Hinge     69. Recycle ( from a wave only )