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  12. Split The Outside Couple   13. Half Sashay Family
    a. Half Sashay         b. Rollaway
    c. Ladies In,Men Sashay
  14. Turn Back Family
    a. U-Turn Back       b. Back Truck
  15. Separete
  16. Courtesy Turn   17. Ladies Chain Family
    a. Two Ladies Chain       b. Four Ladies Chain
    c. Chain Down the Line

Starting formation - facing couples. The active or directed couple moves forward between the outside couple who sidesteps slightly to let them through then sidesteps back together again.
Styling: Men's arms in natural dance position; ladies may work skirts. The couple that is separated by the active couple simply moves out of the way so that the active couple may move between them. Once the active couple has moved through and is out of the way, the couple who separated will move together once again.
Timing: SS, heads or sides pass thru around one to a line, 8; around two to a line, 10; to home, 12. From a Box, insides split the outsides to a line, 4 steps; to home position, 6.

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Starting formation - couple. Partners exchange places without changing facing directions. Dancer on the right sidesteps to the left, while the other dancer on the left steps back, sidesteps to the right, then steps forward to rejoin partner.
Starting formation - couple. The directed dancer, or if not specified the dancer on the right, rolls across a full turn (360) in front of the dancer on the left, as he sidesteps to the right - to exchange places. From a circle, unless otherwise directed, the ladies roll left across in front of the men.
Starting formation - circle or line with alternating men and ladies. With all dancers facing in, the ladies step forward and pause, while the men move to the left behind and past one lady. Ladies step back and rejoin hands with the men. If the circle is moving to the right, the men sashay to the right.

Styling: Hands held in normal couple handhold. Man and lady each use a slight pulling motion toward each other as they initiate the sashay movement. Rollaway: Handhold same as joined couples. Man should slightly pull lady as both man and lady reach to join hands and continue pulling motion with outside hand. Man steps back with left foot, to the side and across. Ladies In, Men Sashay: Men's hands in slightly up position ready to rejoin the ladies in the circle. Ladies should have both hands on skirt when moving to the center and momentarily bunch skirts before returning to the circle.
Timing: Half sashay, 4 steps; Rollaway, 4; Ladies in, men sashay, 4.

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Starting formation - single dancer. The dancer does an in-place about-face turn (180), turning toward partner unless the body flow dictates otherwise. If alone (i.e. no partner), the dancer turns toward the center of the set. If the dancer is facing directly toward or away from the center of the set, he may turn in either direction.
Starting formation - single dancer. The dancer does a U turn back by stepping out and turning away from partner or the center of the set.
Styling: Arms in natural dance position.
Timing: 2 steps.

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Starting formation - couple. The dancers in the couple turn back to back with each other and walk forward around the outside of the square. The distance traveled is determined by the next call.
Styling: Those not active will move forward to get out of the way so that those moving will not have so far to go. Men's arms in natural dance position; ladies' skirt work optional.
Timing: 2 steps.

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Starting formation - couple, facing dancers. (Limited at Mainstream to couples with man on left, woman on right.) The man (left hand dancer) takes the lady's (right hand dancer) left hand (palm down) in his left (palm up) and places his right hand in the small of the lady's back. Working as a unit, the couple turns around with the left hand dancer backing up and right hand dancer walking forward. Unless otherwise specified, the couple faces the center of the set or the center of the formation in which it is working.
Styling: Men, the extended left hand serves as a direction indicator and the man uses his left hand to lead, not pull. Place the right hand in the small of the lady's back. Ladies use the right hand to work the skirt. The call courtesy turn is limited to turning a woman on the man's right.
Timing: 4 steps.

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Starting formation - facing couples (man on left, lady on right). The ladies step forward, extend right hands to each other and pull by. Each man steps forward and to the right, turning left to face the same direction as the lady beside him. The lady extends a left hand to the man for a courtesy turn. Couples end facing each other.
Starting formation - square or circle of 8 dancers. Similar to two ladies chain except that all four ladies step to the center and form a right hand star. They turn the star halfway around to their opposite men. All courtesy turn to face the center of the set.
NOTE: TWO (or FOUR) LADIES CHAIN THREE QUARTERS: Starting formation - facing couples, a square or circle of 8 dancers. The directed ladies step to the center, form a right hand star and turn the star three quarters. All courtesy turn to face the center of the set.
From a right hand line or left hand ocean wave, centers trade while ends adjust as necessary. Then the ends courtesy turn the centers. Ending formation is facing couples.
Styling: Men release partner then turn right shoulder slightly toward the center of the square to begin the courtesy turn portion of the call, step back with the left foot. Ladies use handshake pull by for two ladies chain. No skirt work except as part of the courtesy turn. Three quarter and four ladies chain, ladies use the hands up palm star, touching right hands in the star pattern. It is important that the man clears a path for receiving the lady after the chain by moving slightly to the right and starting the courtesy turn motion before the lady arrives.
Timing: SS, two ladies across set, 8 steps; three quarters, 10; four ladies across set, 8; three quarters, 10; down the line, 8.

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Basic Program
LIST NO.1 (BASIC)   1. Dancer Naming     2. Circle Left/Circle Right     3. Fowerd & Back    
  4. Do Sa Do/Dosado to a Wave     5. Swing     6. Promenade/Single File Promenade
LIST NO.2 (BASIC)   7. Allemande Left     8. Arm Turns     9. Right and Left Grand Family
10. Left-Hand Star/Right-Hand Star     11. Pass Thru
LIST NO.3 (BASIC) 12. Split Two     13. Half Sashay Family     14. Turn Back Family     15. Separete Around 1 or 2
16. Courtesy Turn     17. Ladies Chain Family
LIST NO.4 (BASIC) 18. Do Pa So     19. Lead Right     20. Right And Left Thru     21. Grand Square     22. Star Thru
23. Circle to a Line
LIST NO.5 (BASIC) 24. Bend the Line     25. All Around The Corner     26. See Saw
27. Square Thru ( 1,2,3,4 )/Left Square thru ( 1,2,3,4 )   28. California Twirl     29. Dive Thru
LIST NO.6 (BASIC) 30. Wheel Around     31. Thar Family     32. Shoot the Star/Shoot the Star Full Around
33. Slip the Clutch     34. Box the Gnat     35. Ocean Wave Family
LIST NO.7 (BASIC) 36. Alamo Ring Formation     37. Pass The Ocean     38. Extend ( from 1/4 tag only )
39. Swing Thru/Left Swing Thru     40. Run/Cross Run     41. Trade Family
LIST NO.8 (BASIC) 42. Wheel And Deal     43. Double Pass Thru     44. First Go Left/Right   Next Go Left/Right
45. Zoom     46. Fluteter Wheel/Revers Flutter Wheel     47. Sweep a Quarter
LIST NO.9 (BASIC) 48. Veer Left/Veer Right     49. Trade By     50. Touch 1/4     51. Circulate Famly
52. Ferris Wheel
Mainstream Program
LIST NO.10 (MS) 53. Cloverleaf     54. Turn Thru     55. Eight Chain Thru     56. Pass to the Center    
57. Spin the Top
LIST NO.11 (MS) 58. Centers In     59. Cast Off 3/4     60. Walk & Dodge     61. Slide Thru
62. Fold/Cross Fold
LIST NO.12 (MS) 63. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave     64. Spin Chain Thru     65. Tag the Line     66. Half Tag
67. Scoot Back     68. Single Hinge/Couples Hinge     69. Recycle ( from a wave only )